Do not ask about her personal life. I wish not to speak of it, and I do hope you have the intelligence to respect her in that regard.

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Anonymous whispered:
I love Sammi what's happening with her these days?

check her twitter or facebook. she’s going on tour with losers.

Anonymous whispered:
Does this blog exist anymore?

yeah it does except i don’t find much use in it bc i’m more focused on my other blogs

adamshanelawes whispered:
On a serious note, besides Sammi Doll's musical involvement in the bands 'My Satellite' and 'IAMX' - do you know if Sammi Doll has been musically involved with any other bands and has she ever stated any intentions of pursuing a solo music career because she has such a charismatic personality and an amazing voice when she sings - which obviously can be heard in her beautiful cover of "Twilight Galaxy"?

She’s working on tour with Losers, if you’d check her facebook it lists dates or whatevers. I don’t believe Sammi has really stated anything about doing anything solo.