Do not ask about her personal life. I wish not to speak of it, and I do hope you have the intelligence to respect her in that regard.

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April 4.


I know out of everyone that follows me there’s probably maybe 1 of you that lives even remotely close to Berlin. (You’re totally missing out by the way, incredible city.) 

On April 4, I will be standing in as a favor on Keyboards and Backup Vox with LOSERS at the infamous Magnet Club in Kreuzberg. The set is incredible and I’m happy to have been asked to be a part of their album release kick off show. 

Even in spirit if you cannot be there, i feel your love and support <3 Please repost - maybe someone you know is close enough to make it :D

^^^ facebook event. chaaa ^^^

^^^ Just a little video of what to expect ^^^

^^^ and if you like what you hear, buy the shit! ^^^

Anonymous whispered:
What's going on with Sammi lately? I'm so behind. I love this site. Is she touring? With who?

Fucking hell.. 

Sammi is doing well. She was last on tour with IAMX, and had moved to Berlin since she liked it there or something, and soon enough that confirmed her status with Jinxx especially when she had made it more official that she had gotten a new boyfriend, Paul Mullen, I believe? Yeah. That seems it. Hope this cleared something up, I guess.

Anonymous whispered:
What do you think of people who try to get information from you about Sammi and try to invade her personal life? It's like jees louise let her date who she wants in peace it's in the music what we care about right?

I personally believe they’re being ridiculous, considering I hardly peek into her personal life which she has made an effort to keep more secretive. I’ve stated multiple times that I do not wish to speak about her personal life, and I will not partake in conversation regarding it. I feel as though it’s entirely rude to try and get information which is none of their business out of other’s. 

Anonymous whispered:
Do you like sammis new hair?

I personally enjoy all her hairstyles, so sure.